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Stress CUPacity

"We tell ourselves things that stress us out every day that are either exaggerated or not real. I wanted the feeling of recognizing it and overcoming it to be manifested

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Rescue Matters

"Extra lives are often meaningless, so I wanted to make a game where they were the most important aspect." My Role(s): Design, Programming Team Size: 1 Engine: Unity Duration: 7 Days

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Logical Choices

"...the goal was to tell a story in a way that could only be told in a video game." My Role(s): Design, Writing, Programming Team Size: 1 Engine: Unity Duration: 14

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Moon Jump

"I wanted to give the player a feeling of, 'Oh... Oh, I see now!' with each new level and mechanic introduced." My Role(s): Design, Art, Sound Effects Team Size: 2 (Remote)

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